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PLANNING FIELD TRIPS for our group is not just a job for the board members. Any and all families in the group are encouraged to organize and plan a field trip.

When you have a field trip idea please follow this simple process:

1) Print out a Field Trip Form (see link below).
2) Complete the form and mail it to C.H.E.F. of Lafayette (address below) at least 1 month ahead of desired field trip date.

Your form will go before the board for approval. You will then be notified at the earliest convenience as per the status of your request. Feel free to contact a board member if you have any questions.


mail to:  C.H.E.F. of Lafayette
             P.O. Box 1373
             Scott, La.  70583

Please read Code of Conduct for CHEF members:

CHEF of Lafayette is a Christian Home-school Group composed of families.  Each family serves as a representative of our Group, the home educating community, and most important, the Lord Christ Jesus.

We, the parents, understand that all the officers are volunteers and are volunteering their time, efforts and energies to benefit our children and us.  We respect these volunteers as we should be respected when we volunteer.  We agree to conduct ourselves in a reasonable manner when participating in all group activities.  This includes (but is not limited to) dressing morally appropriate, following instructions, respecting authority, careful treatment of property, polite behavior towards others and no smoking, alcohol, drugs, foul language, or obscene gestures.  We understand that failure to comply may result in our being asked to refrain from participation in the field trip or activity.



Great is the Lord
and greatly to be
Praised !




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